Examples of Conditions Treated Listed below are some examples of the kind of conditions that I regularly treat and that respond extremely well to the therapies on offer:  Stress | anxiety | panic attacks | phobias | addictions | allergies | procrastination | public speaking | fears | OCD | sexual abuse | bullying | pain relief | perfectionism | jealousy | time management | depression | IBS | anger | weight loss | grief | lack of confidence | PTSD | low self esteem | infertility | pregnancy | childbirth | insomnia | peak performance | fear of failure | problem solving | relationship issues | cancer | miscarriage | alcoholism | gambling | negative thinking | rape | nightmares | vaginismus | memory improvement | exam nerves | self harm | concentration | sports | enhancement | nail biting | self hatred | motivation | guilt |  ME/chronic fatigue | school phobias | teenage anxieties | and a variety of health issues. If any of the above and are interfering with you quality of life, please know that you DO have a choice.  Give me a call on 01206 683069 to find out how to bring more happiness and fulfilment into your life 

Phobias are an excellent example of how magnificently our brain can learn something. Most phobias are simply the result of a ‘one off’ experience whereby you had an extreme reaction to a particular ‘stimuli,’ say a spider or wasp for example. This fearful association is then ‘anchored’ and from then on you respond automatically in the same way whenever you come across the ‘stimuli’.  The good news is that by using NLP techniques we can successfully ‘disconnect’ this negative association and replace it with a more appropriate and completely comfortable response instead. This is a quick and easy process and you will at no time be exposed to the ‘stimuli’ in question. 

Panic Attacks often appear completely out of the blue and can be a terrifying experience. A physiological loop known as the fight or flight response is activated which generates the unpleasant feelings associated with a panic attack.  

This in turn can quickly create a ‘fear of fear’ cycle which means that we naturally try to avoid any situation which may re-create the panic response. We can then become locked into a negative pattern of looking at every situation as a potential threat and become super-sensitive to any changes in our physical sensations. It is easy to see therefore how a single panic attack can quickly transform into a Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Using a combination of NLP, hypnosis and EMDR these cycles, loops and associations can be stopped so that you can once again return to living life in a calm, relaxed and effective way

Lack of Confidence comes in many shapes and forms. It may be that you only lack confidence in a particular area, in the workplace or in social situations for example, yet elsewhere your confidence level is fine. Or it could be that you experience a more general lack of confidence that spreads across almost everything you do. Either way, lack of confidence creates limitations, holds you back and prevents you from fully enjoying life.  The truth is however, that you actually do thousands of things each and every day that you are supremely confident about, you just don’t recognize it. NLP and hypnosis allows us to transfer confidence from one area of your life to another. So for example if you feel confident when driving or gardening we can take that natural confident feeling and attach it to the situation where you would benefit from more confidence. You then begin to discover that you can participate in these experiences with a new sense of comfort and ease. 

Low Self Esteem is less to do with ‘situations’ and more to do with how you feel about yourself. It is often said that the difference between a mediocre life and one ‘well lived’ often boils down to the quality of communication you have with yourself.  If you have low self esteem you don’t need me to tell you that the quality of your internal dialogue is not good, it is negative, critical and unforgiving. You wouldn’t talk to your worst enemy in the way you speak to yourself. This contaminates absolutely everything you do and prevents you from reaching your full potential. Low Self Esteem will always include a number of negative beliefs about yourself. These beliefs have often been created in your younger years as a result of childlike thinking, which is perfectly understandable. They are nearly always however, mistaken beliefs and need to be updated and replaced with more appropriate, genuine and life enhancing beliefs.  This can be achieved through the use of one or more of the listed therapies, allowing you to discover a whole new world. Just imagine what life would be like if you actually believed in yourself – what would you do then that you don’t do now? 

Smoking Cessation If you have a genuine desire to become a non smoker, then my Stop Smoking Programme will help you to turn that desire into a reality. The treatment lasts for three hours and is extremely comprehensive. During the session I gather all the information I need about you, your habit, your beliefs, your fears etc., so that the therapy can be specifically tailored to your own personal needs. This gives you maximum opportunity to leave the session a successful non-smoker.  According to the New Scientist Magazine, Hypnosis is the easiest way there is to help you stop smoking and the successes that my clients have achieved over the years would certainly seem to confirm this.  My programme uses a combination of very powerful techniques from the field of NLP and hypnotherapy, successfully breaking down associations, desires, cravings and beliefs that have held you in the grip of this addiction. Your mind then creates a new strategy whereby your relationship with cigarettes has completely changed. You have a new sense of freedom and confidence with no need or desire to return to that old habit.  I regularly receive referrals from nurses and GPs who have been impressed with the success of their patients. If you feel that you are ready to enjoy the freedom of being a non-smoker then make that call NOW. 

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