Qualifications, Memberships and Accreditations

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist | Certified Life Coach | 

Master NLP Practitioner | Teacher of Further Education |

BWRT Practitioner | Psychotherapist

My first experience of hypnosis was 27 years ago. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and though I was undergoing conventional treatment, I was also keen to look at other ways in which I could improve my health both physically and emotionally. I had read a book called Love, Mind & Miracles by an oncologist named Dr. Bernie Siegal, and the idea that the mind has tremendous influence over the body seemed perfectly logical to me. I used self hypnosis throughout and after my treatment and found it immensely helpful. Amongst other things, it allowed me to feel less helpless, which for me was terribly important. I swore that if I were fortunate enough to recover, I would train in hypnosis, which is exactly what I did. 

During my training I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in this field. I have worked with Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP, and Paul McKenna, world famous hypnotherapist. I have also had the privilege or working with Gil Boyne, creator of the first hypnotherapy society in America. The brilliant Phil Parker, who designed The Lightning Process. I completed Advanced Training in Hypno-Analysis & Psychotherapy with SACH, one of the most respected training schools in the country at that time. Qualified as a level 2 BWRT Practitioner under the tutelage of Terrence Watts, the extraordinary creator of BWRT. Most recently have had the privilege of working with the wonderful Sheila Granger, best know for her work with Gastric Band Weight Loss. I hold the title of Senior Hypnotherapist which is given to therapists with significant amount of experience in the field of Clininical Hypotherapy . I am also a great believer in Continued Professional Development, so I have trained in many other areas throughout my career and will continue to do so. I do not list any of the above from a position of ‘trying to impress’ but rather with the sole purpose of assuring any potential clients, that I have put the work in and chosen my training carefully.

Having worked as a therapist for over 26 years, I remain as passionate today as when I first started. I am completely committed to helping you resolve your problems in whatever way is the right way for you, I have had the privilege and pleasure of sharing in the life changing experiences of so many,from young children through to people in there 80’s and it is from these people that I have learned the most – so thank you one and all.

Master Practitioner of NLP, trained By Bandler, Breen & McKenna – Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Analysis and Integrative Psychotherapy, awarded by SACH – School of Analytical & Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, awarded by The Hypnotism Training Institute – California – Certified Life Coach, awarded by Newcastle College – Certified to teach in Further and Adult Education – awarded by City & Guilds

General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)  – Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) – General Hypnotherapy Register. These associations are bound by a strict code of practice and ethics of the highest order

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